MyZones Wifi Broadband

loose the wires. Be free


Myzones delivers B-2-B wifi sharing backend solutions. Share the wifi, loose the wires - be free. Share wifi networks and create a secure and trustworthy infrastructure.

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MyZones Wifi sharing

Share bandwith across your registered broadband users, without additional backend solutions. Maintain, manage and deploy on the spot.

MyZones Innovations

Security and control across the broadband network you run, based on innovative - patented backend and access point solutions.

MyZones Development

Enables you to detail the type of sharing, the business model and the way the service gets rolled-out across your broadband or cable network.

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Our services.

Front End Design

Easily adapt front end design and access UI to your existing corporate style and deploy within the context of your existing presence on the web. Easily integrate with customer services in deployment.

Service Development

MyZones can add additional Service features to extend the basics to fit your individual demands, so the service will fit perfectly in your customer services portfolio.

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VAS Services

Require additional Value Added Services? Contact MyZones to discuss your needs. From Billing to the most specific service, we can aide you in creating the best added value in your broadband network.

Privately held.

World Class Management

MyZones Management has been engaged in a multitude of fast growing early stage and established enterprises. The team hold vast experience in running the operations and satisfying customer needs. We understand what counts and what raises your bottom line.

Our Business

MyZones has received funding from renown venturists and has the ability to execute large operations. Myzones targets the cable and ISP industry as well as telco-operators seeking traffic offload.


Our board consists of experienced managers from the telco, browser, internet and business space. The mutual industrial experiences of the members ensures the highest standards and attitudes required.